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Mergers & Acquisitions need not be as complicated as they seem to be

During their existence, trading companies often come to a moment where they need to change their ownership structure, obtain additional capital, split or merge themselves or make other operations within the company or its assets. This is where our office can be of assistance to you as well.

Business operations

We offer our clients advisory services in the following areas:

  • sale of the company or its assets – evaluation of the profitability and feasibility of different variants and drawing up data for execution (in the accounting, tax and legal points of view),
  • making an analysis of any accounting, tax and legal risks in the company (Due Diligence),
  • sale of company ownership shares,
  • drawing up supporting documents needed to acquire capital (e.g., a bank loan),
  • M&A – support and searching for the most profitable variant in trading company transformation (merger, division, asset transfer to a partner or change in the legal form),
  • company restructuring,
  • company winding up.

Appraisal services

When running a company, selling its property and/or making managerial decisions, one has to know the actual value of the company and its assets. Our office can provide our clients with independent valuation by (sworn) experts, such as

  • company valuation,
  • valuation of securities,
  • valuation of intangible assets.


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